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Popped nails, furniture scuffs, or small holes in your drywall – they surely are a hassle. However, those are nothing compared to other larger issues. What about water-damaged walls? What if an accident caused a big hole or crack? These issues require more attention. In fact, they demand that you start repairing drywall damages as soon as possible.

Call our experts at J&I Drywall for any damage in your interior walls. Our experts will assist you, especially when you don’t know how to fix it.

Start repairing drywall damage whenever this happens

“You did what?!?!?”

DrywallWell, if you have playful kids, this is likely a known scenario. Silly stunts or simply an accidental trip can cause large holes in your drywall.

So, to fix broken drywall, make sure to cut the whole damaged area. Of course, do this as precisely as possible. You might damage a pipe or cut a wire if you’re not careful. Then, the next step is to insert new drywall and place it with joint compound. Press some drywall tape into the wall to fix the new piece and let it dry. Finally, just sand, smooth it out, and paint. Voilà!

Assess water leaks ASAP

Drywall water damageDon’t waste your time repairing drywall if you can’t find the source yet. Thus, make fixing any water leaks your first priority. Once you are sure that the plumbing is ok, and then you can start fixing the water damage.

Water damage is usually extensive. Thus, you’ll probably have to replace a whole board of sheetrock. Also, make sure to do this as soon as possible. Water-damaged drywall will not resist for too long and will get mold. Plus, it looks awful!

Don’t be fooled by small cracks!

Small cracks usually develop into larger issues. Make sure that you know the origin, though. It can be the moisture in the ceiling, plumbing issues, or a lousy installation.

Now, to fix these cracks, just patch them over with a quality joint compound.

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