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Have you ever noticed any issues with your drywall lately? Homeowners tend to ignore small scuffs or holes. However, it’s important to repair damaged drywall as soon as possible.

Yes! It’s important to tackle small issues, especially if you don’t know how they got there. Don’t hesitate and call our experts at J&I Drywall at (206) 355-1958.

Find out how to repair damaged drywall and avoid further issues

Nails keep popping out

Installation errors often involve missing the studs when nailing. Over time, unsecured nails may eventually pop out. This not only looks awful, but it can get you a deep scratch if you get too close to the wall.

Don’t rush to get a hammer, though. You will only damage the wall even more, and the nail will come out again anyway! The right way to repair damaged drywall is to remove the nail. Then, simply refasten it where the stud actually is.

Don’t place furniture against the wall

Heavy furniture tends to leave scuff marks on the walls.  Often, you may find such marks even before you move into a new place. These marks look like you drew something with a pencil or marker.

To avoid future damage, move furniture and other items more carefully, and don’t press them to the wall! Finally, you can get rid of scuffs with a cleaning sponge (provided that you haven’t ripped off the drywall paper).

Those ugly small holes

Many things can cause small holes, such as swinging a door too hard. A good alternative is placing a small plate and align it to the door knob. Now, if you need to repair damaged drywall, just use the usual joint compound.

Also, find some drywall tape to patch the hole and press into the joint compound. Then, smooth with a putty knife, let it dry, and sand it down. Finally, just get some left over paint from your last painting job to erase any trace of the damage.

Always trust a professional such as J&I Drywall to get rid of small issues. Take a look at our excellent services and see what we can do for you!