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Upgrade Your Walls with Plastering in Auburn WA

As a property owner, we know that you are always searching for the finer things to add onto your estate. Finding the perfect wall finish is no exception. Considering Plastering in Auburn WA for your estate’s surfaces is the ideal. Truthfully, this wall finish option offers numerous benefits. We will dive into what those benefits are later!

Upgrade Your Walls with Plastering in Auburn WA

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However, in order to fully enjoy what a plaster wall offers, you need a professional. In addition, if one fails to hire a professional, the project will not result as expected. J & I Drywall is trusted, respected, and hardworking contractor that you can count on. Through the years, we have assessed numerous plaster projects with utmost diligence.

Truly, our reputation as contractors is intact as we work with quality from beginning to end. Moreover, J & I Drywall always places your satisfaction in first place. So, if you are looking for the best finish for your walls, opt for a plaster surface. And, if you are looking for an expert, choose J & I Drywall!

The Benefits of Plastering in Auburn WA

First, plaster is making a solid comeback within the industry. It’s much attributed greatness is owed to the advantages that it offers. As mentioned prior, there are multiple benefits behind plaster application. To start, plaster builds a solid surface for your estate’s ceiling and walls. This permanent texture doesn’t demand any fancy painting techniques, due to its already existing accent.

When considering plaster, here is what you need to know:

  • Primarily, plaster adds a decorative appeal. With dozens of designs and style choices to select from, plaster is far from ordinary or plain. Surely, you can accentuate interiors with its unique designs.
  • Moreover, when compared to other wall finishes, plaster is superior in durability. For example, when compared to drywall, plaster proves greater resistance. Said resistance is attributed to a chemical reaction that occurs when water escapes the mixture.
  • In addition, plaster is easier to install than other options. For instance, drywall takes several days to achieve a smooth surface due to drying processes and such. However, plaster demands less time. You do not need to wait for drying. Finally, it also does not produce dust,
  • To conclude, plaster provides flatter and even surfaces. With uniformity, plaster creates a superior finish. In addition, it is more forgiving towards wall imperfection- it hides them better. Not to mention, plaster is just simply beautiful. Plaster surely has a timeless factor.

Now, if after learning what plaster offers you finally decided you want it as a wall finish, then contact J & I Drywall right away! For all plastering in Auburn WA, you can count on our more than qualified team. Alas, now you have to decide what type of plaster you want for your estate. Don’t worry; we can guide you with that decision too!

Different Types of Plastering in Auburn WA

One of the greatest decisions you will ever make, is the finish that you decide on for your wall or ceiling. As you are most likely contemplating which type of plaster you want for your interior, here is a guide to facilitate your decision making process.

Sure, there are multiple plaster options. However, with this break down, we know you’ll find what you need.

First, there are 3 types of plaster:

  • Lime-based
  • Cement-based
  • Acrylic

Now, to dive deeper:

  • Lime based plaster: First, this option does not dissolve as gypsum or drywall would. Furthermore, it is sufficiently durable and resistant to numerous elements. When compared to cement based plaster, this option is less brittle. As well, it is less prone to crack. Plus, it does not require expansion joints. Finally, the pH level in the lime works as a fungicide- say bye to mold!
  • Cement based plaster: As for cement, commonly referred to as gypsum, it is a great solution. On the ecological spectrum, cement is highly sustainable. Its acoustical and thermal properties provide energy efficiency benefits.
  • Acrylic: Commonly known as synthetic, acrylic helps you achieve multiple textures. Moreover, another strong suit of acrylic is its rich and vibrant color variation. Plus, it is water resistant.

To learn more, get in touch with J & I Drywall today. Regardless of your plaster decision, we can help you save money.

The Cost of Plastering in Auburn WA

Finally, now that we have discussed the pros of plaster, and its variations- let’s talk prices. Whenever you are in need of a plastering task, our local plasterers can take care of it for you. But, how much will it cost you?

Typically, the rate provided to you is based on the area being plastered. If we think in terms of square feet, you can expect prices that range from:

  • $20 – $70 for hard plaster
  • $45- $90 for wet plaster

Remember that prices will vary depending on project size, the use of material, labor needed, etc.


The good news is that you can actually save money on plastering solutions.

Here are a few tips to reduce your costs:

  • Try to avoid busy times of the year. Moreover, like other industries, plastering is busier during particular seasons. Thus, you can negotiate prices during low months.
  • Attempt to contact the plasterers early in the month- they’ll be stocked on supplies, thus reducing prices.
  • Clean out a room before plastering. Truly, clearing out a room makes it look easier to address. Thus, this will reduce labor costs.

If you follow the above mentioned instruction, you can reduce up to 20% on costs. Do you wish to save money?  At J & I Drywall we thoroughly comprehend how our clients wish to reduce installation, repair, and maintenance costs. Thus, we work around your budget without compromising quality. Without question, you will find the best prices for your plaster solutions, here! Contact J & I Drywall today.