Our textured interior paint service will renovate your walls!

There’s no doubt that doing a painting job is a great and cost-effective way to improve your home. Indeed, everybody loves how a smooth coat of paint looks. However, there are different types of painting jobs. A bold and excellent move is to apply textured interior paint in your property.

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So, what is special about texture painting your walls? Let’s talk about some advantages.

Benefits of textured interior paint


Of course, every paint job needs proper care in order to last. However, textured paint tends to last longer than a usual smooth finish. Plus, it’s also highly resistant to peeling and fungi growth.



Well done textured interior paint is everything you need to create a wonderful indoor environment. It can be the daring look that you envision. Moreover, you can set a standard of home beauty among your family and friends.

Indeed, this style provides uniqueness and elegance to any interior space. It doesn’t matter if it’s your house or your business; it just looks amazing. Now, if you ever tried to sell, this kind of painting will definitely make your property stand out at a cost-effective rate. Get out of the ordinary by calling us today!

TextureCover Imperfections

You can notice when a smooth-painted surface is scratched or scuffed. As such, textured paint can cover up those imperfections perfectly. In this way, you won’t have to invest in fixing the wall before painting it again.

·         No Maintenance

This is one of the best advantages of textured interior paint. Basically, it requires little to no maintenance due to its resistance. When done by a professional like J&I Drywall LLC, you will guarantee a long-term investment.

Get in touch with J&I Drywall, your #1 choice whenever you’re looking for a trusted painting service. Our expert textured interior paint jobs will make your home or business stand out!