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Having air leaks in your walls has two main consequences. First, they carry moisture that can cause mold and rot. Second, they make your HVAC system work more in order to keep a certain temperature. Since drywall installation is a common project around here, it can work perfectly with the insulation for air-tight, energy-efficient indoors.

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How your drywall installation boosts insulation

Drywall InsulationIndeed, your drywall contractor can have a role at insulating your home. Drywall panels are a part of the thermal envelope of the building. For this reason, it’s important to install it next to the insulation.

In fact, you can get rid of any leaks by attaching the sheetrock to the framing in an airtight way. However, what about the holes for the electrical boxes? Let’s see how you can eliminate the possible leaks.

Sealing any holes

Insulation Electrical BoxIndeed, air can escape from the holes for your electrical boxes. Thus, your best bet is to seal them tightly. You can apply caulk in the face of the boxes before the drywall is hung. In this way, the boxes will seal against the back of the drywall panels.

For better results, you can also try to isolate the boxes completely. Not only the caulk will do its job, but air won’t escape from the sides of the boxes, either. You can find foam or clay cover to create a tighter seal on the electrical box.

Gluing the panels

Drywall AdhesiveIt’s nothing new that contractors use adhesive to stick the center of the panels to the studs. After all, it prevents the fasteners from popping. However, many people ignore that the panels can be adhered to the framing on the edges, too!

Basically, by applying adhesive to the edges, you can create an airtight seal along the perimeter of each wall, and even in any openings for future windows.

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