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Flawless and Affordable Drywall Installation in Auburn WA

Since its invention one century ago, drywall has been one of the most popular materials for interior walls. It is perfect for both residential and commercial interior walls. That’s why here at J & I Drywall LLC, we offer the most outstanding drywall installation in Auburn WA.

Flawless and Affordable Drywall Installation in Auburn WA

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Drywall installation in Auburn WA

Drywall Types in Auburn WA

J & I Drywall LLC

Since its invention one century ago, drywall has been one of the most popular materials for interior walls. It is perfect for both residential and commercial interior walls. That’s why here at J & I Drywall LLC, we offer the most outstanding drywall installation in Auburn WA.

The reason is simple, drywall allows for easy installation and repair. Also, it’s resistant to mold and moisture, energy efficient, sound proof, and a durable wall method. However, you need an expert to help you.

Our 12 years of experience in the drywall industry allows us to complete every single drywall project within the time frame set and with unmatched quality. Don’t lose time and get in contact with us, so we can start astonishing your visitors or clients!

Most Frequently Asked Questions:

What I get in return from drywall? Why is it better than its substitutes?

Why should I hire J & I Drywall LLC for drywall installation in Auburn WA?

What are the differences between our professional service Vs a DIY project?

Let’s Start for… What Makes our Business the Best Choice for your Remodeling Projects?

In general, the main advantage of hiring our qualified and certified business is that you will ensure the proper installation of your drywall. Our crew is able to perfectly install sheetrock in order to comply even with the most complicated design requirements.

Save Money with Us

“Installing drywall is an improvement project that can be done easily, but not easily done well.” Lucky for you, we build it right the first time, no mistakes; thus, saving you time and money.

Also, our professionals will make sure that your investment last to can deliver its benefits in the long-run. We also do this because we want to always surpass your expectations. Thus, you must put your remodeling projects in the hands of experts for top quality, promptness, and increase of value of your property.

Flawless Results

We are experts; thus, we are really up to delivering the most uniform and flawless wall results. Cracks? Fissures? Bubbles? Blisters? Wait a minute… what is the meaning of these words. Throughout our experience we have only known about smooth, beautiful, and perfect walls.

Expert Advice

Our Pro Vs DIY Drywall Installation in Auburn WA


Pro: Our crew delivers the sturdiest, yet most gorgeous drywall finishes. They have the right tools and the right knowledge to make sure that your drywall installation in Auburn WA has the best structural support. Do you want stable structures? Call J & I Drywall LLC, we promise your expectations will be surpassed with a top-quality drywall installation.

DIY: On the other hand, DIY projects can lack of the right support and stability. Some of the DIY drywall installations may present unsupported edges, which will make the sheetrock to vibrate and bend.


Pro: Our experts will always use screws of the right size and quality, in order to ensure your drywall sheets are attached in the most secure way.

DIY: A first time DIYer can use nails or even use the drill in the wrong way. We are not saying that you are unable to use a drill, instead, what we want to say is that a pro will always to it better. And that is why experts exist, to do it better.


Pro: The right tools and equipment are another crucial aspect for remodeling projects. Our team at J & I Drywall LLC has the latest tools and materials of every kind to do a hassle-free drywall installation in Auburn WA.

Just to mention some, our crew’s equipment consists of drywall hammers, drywall panel lifters, screw guns, utility knives, panel carriers, pry bars, roll lifter, caulking guns, saw horses, tape measure, spiral saws, safety wear, drywall screws, and the list goes on.

DIY: On the contrary, the average homeowner does not own all the needed tools, just the basic ones. And if you are thinking to perform a DIY project and you are planning to buy additional tools for a drywall installation, this will skyrocket your costs.

What I get in return from drywall? Why is it better than its substitutes?

Energy Efficiency

This material has gained incredible popularity because it is an excellent insulator. Warm air is retained during the winter and cool air is kept inside during warmer months. As a result, this will reduce your expenses in energy. At the beginning, it may seem small, but in the long-run, these savings will start paying off. Whether you install drywall in your home or business, either way you get amazing benefits.

Mold & Moisture Resistant


Washington State is considerably a moderate rainy region. But installing the right type of drywall, you will get protection against leaks, mold, and moisture in general. So, with the proper drywall installation in Auburn WA, we can forget about humidity issues.


Once your drywall has ended its lifespan, it is easy to remove. The drywall panels can be recycled, which is a great contribution to the environment. Nowadays, being green means a lot. This truly says that you are a responsible and a caring individual.

Looks FantasticDrywall installation

When it comes to drywall, this one is a given. Drywall looks simply fantastic in any place. There are few materials that will make your walls look as amazing as drywall will.

Besides being easy to install, drywall allows you to get the best look according to your tastes. For example, you can leave either a beautiful and flawless surface or a bold and amazing texture. However, if you want to get the most of it, you must trust only experts to do your drywall installation in Auburn WA.

Fire Resistant

Drywall is made of gypsum pressed between two thick paper sheets. Regarding gypsum, this material is not flammable and has some water inside it.

So, just imagine that a fire started. The heat energy of the flames will start vaporizing water, reducing the fire spreading. In these days, new improvements have been made in drywall panels such as adding glass fibers to increase the fire resistance rating.

Easy to Repair

So, let’s say you tried to move that heavy couch and you hit a wall. You look over and see that you left a scuff. No big deal, huh? Probably not, at least for now.

The main issue here is that people tend to neglect these issues until the walls look unsightly. So, if you’re among those, you will need repairs sooner or later. Now, what about deep cracks, large holes, or drywall mud falling off the joints? Those can’t be neglected.

However, the good news is that drywall repairs are very DIY-friendly. But then, not everyone has the tools and skills needed for the optimal results. Thus, you can always trust a professional like J&I Drywall to do any repairs with the best results.

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As you can see, we are experts in everything related to drywall. Whenever you need an expert installation service, we’re the team to go. It doesn’t matter how big or small your project is. Our professionals always aim to get the best results.

At J&I Drywall, your satisfaction is our most important goal. For this reason, we don’t spare any efforts in meeting your demands and exceeding your expectations. Don’t hesitate and work with professionals. J&I Drywall is the right choice for an outstanding drywall installation in Auburn WA.